Webinar summary: Introduction to Te Whanake

By Candice Beck, Manager of MPD

17 October 2022

Category: College and members


On Wednesday 12 October, over 300 members attended a webinar hosted by College President Dr Samantha Murton and Membership and Professional Development Manager, Candice Beck to explain Te Whanake, your refreshed CPD programme.

View the webinar recording

The webinar recording is available on the CPD resources page. You can also access it directly via YouTube.

Webinar summary 

Sam started off by highlighting that the College is following Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ) updated recertification requirements while also making a programme that is streamlined, relevant, efficient and easy to use for members.

The intention of Te Whanake is to be an evolving programme that is member focused so we welcome your feedback – please send queries and comments through to cpd@rnzcgp.org.nz

Quick pointers from the webinar: 

  • we’re following MCNZ’s requirements but using language and wording to suit our members
  • all members begun their new programme on 1 September 2022
  • learning from 1 September (not prior) can now be added to your Te Whanake programme 
  • most members will have met their requirements for their previous programme
  • your ‘annual essentials’ are learning goals (can be done at any point during each year) and an annual conversation (is available to be completed between month 9 and month 12 of each year) 
  • there are no compulsory audits but any audit activity you undertake would be classed under ‘patient outcomes’ learning activity 
  • your peer group activities or attendance would be classed under ‘reviewing practice’ learning category
  • there are lot of resources available that give guidance on the language, programme requirements and how to navigate on your ‘CPD resources’ page. 

With the introduction of any new system, there are always ‘teething issues’ and we know some of you may be experiencing technical issues. Please know that we are aware of these and working behind the scenes to address these as quickly as we can. 

Listen to the pronunciation of Te Whanake.

We had lots of great questions which we’re currently collating and will develop into a resource. We will share this via ePulse once it's completed.