Policies and regulations

The College’s academic policies support our decision-making and give us direction. The College’s policies are often supported by comprehensive procedures.

These policies align with the College’s commitment to cultural responsiveness, health equity, and the Te Rautaki: Statement of Strategic Intent and Māori Strategy.

Registrars are bound by the College’s policies and regulations while they are studying GPEP.

Fellowship Assessment: Standards and guidelines for candidates

This document details the standards used in the Fellowship assessment process. It also provides guidance and information for candidates who are about to undergo a Fellowship assessment visit.

Admission to GPEP and placement 

This policy and procedure are for prospective doctors entering GPEP year 1.  It covers the principles, requirements, and processes for the admission, selection, enrolment, and placement of students.

Recognition of Prior Learning

This policy covers the principles, requirements, and processes used to guide registrars with their GPEP application. It takes into account previous training, work experience, and postgraduate qualifications.

Approval of GPEP teaching practices and teachers

This policy describes how the College makes sure the training of GPEP registrars is delivered in high-quality learning environments and is facilitated by qualified people skilled in teaching, supervision, mentoring, and support.

Pathway for international medical graduates

This procedure provides International Medical Graduates (IMGs) with a clear process for formally applying to the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ) to gain registration within a vocational scope of practice in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Programme Development and Review Policy

This policy relates to:

  • GPEP
  • Rural Hospital Training Programme
  • the College’s Continuing Profession Development, and
  • Rural Hospital Medicine Continuing Professional Development.

It sets out the principles relating to programme design and development, curriculum design and maintenance, programme approval and accreditation, and programme review and maintenance


This policy describes how a registrar appeals against a decision that may have been made by the College that affects their training, assessment, and/or other activities associated with GPEP.

Academic integrity 

This policy outlines the commitment to academic integrity expected of College staff, registrars, and Fellows.

GPEP training variation

This policy outlines the terms and conditions under which registrars may:

  • defer the start of their training
  • take a break in their planned training programme (‘on hold’)
  • withdraw from, and/or
  • re-enter GPEP.

GP registrar concerns and complaints 

This policy and procedure set out the principles and processes for registrars in GPEP who have concerns or complaints regarding their experience with other registrars, medical educator, general practice teachers College education coordinators, and/or other College staff.

Supporting registrars 

This policy outlines the specific roles and responsibilities of staff that provide support for GPEP registrars.

Assessment management in GPEP

This policy describes the principles, requirements, and practices used by the College to contract and support assessors, examiners and case writers to ensure summative assessments are designed and conducted in a manner that ensures they are fair, reliable, valid and equitable.

Special Consideration in Assessment and Reconsideration of Examination Results

This policy and procedure describes the mechanisms for registrars to apply for special consideration for a summative assessment (written and clinical examination), a recount of marks and/or a reconsideration of written and/or clinical examination decisions and final results.

This policy and procedure is currently being updated.