January 2024

25 January 2024

Category: GP Voice


In this issue of GP Voice:

News from the College:

  • Editorial
  • 50 years of the College
  • Briefing to the incoming Minister of Health
  • Policy, Advocacy, and Insights
  • Coroner’s findings
  • Behind the scenes of GPEP Exams
  • Spotlight on the Rural GPs’ Chapter
  • The Auckland Faculty’s end-of-year event
  • Celebrating the local landscape

Views of our Fellows:

  • Mind This: HDC – a missed pulmonary embolus
  • Views on Your Work Counts
  • Meet Dr Tony Whitehead
  • Dancing class at Otara Family and Christian Health Centre

Voices of the sector:

  • Boost your self-confidence with the arts
  • New Zealand’s skin cancer epidemic
  • Equity Module at Cook Street Health Centre