Rural hospital fees

There are a range of different fees you’ll need to pay for the RHMTP and these can all be claimed back from your employer.

RHMTP fees

Part-time in the RHMTP is less than 3.5 days per week, or less than 36.4 weeks per year (7/10) overall.

DRHM training programme fee: full-time


A year from February to February

DRHM training programme fee: part-time


Part time in the DRHM training programme is defined as less than 3.5 days per week or less than 36.4 weeks per year (7/10) overall

Membership fees

While studying the RHMTP it is compulsory to be an associate member of The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners and the Division of Rural Hospital Medicine.

Division membership fee


Fellowship assessment fee

When you have finished all the requirements of the programme, and you have scheduled in your Fellowship assessment visit, you will have to pay a Fellowship assessment fee.

Fellowship assessment visit - DRHM


The fee paid by registrars for their Fellowship assessment visit - a key activity before they are awarded Fellowship

Please note: registrars on the Rural Hospital Medicine Training Programme will also need to pay the fee for their ACRRM StAMPS exam. This is charged by and paid directly to the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM). The fee is about AU$3,261.50.