Specialise as a general practitioner

The mahi of a GP

As a specialist GP, you will do great things for the health of Aotearoa and the wellbeing of its many communities. No workday will be the same, but every day will be filled with the stories of people from all backgrounds and experiences. You will make long-lasting connections with your patients and work through complex yet rewarding challenges in helping them manage their health.

In your mahi as a GP, you will always learn in your job, you will be part of a team, and you will have a flexible working life.

General practice is a family-focused occupation
General practice is a family-focused occupation.

General Practice Education Programme (GPEP)

To practise as a GP and become a Fellow of the College you need to complete GPEP, a vocational training programme that is run by the College. Most people study GPEP as a full-time course that will take at least three years. There is also a part-time option.

If you are an overseas-trained GP we welcome you, and have information related to your training.

Support for registrars

The College supports every registrar studying GPEP. Medical educators and teachers, and the College’s clinical leads and specialist education coordinators will help you through your study, and you will have access to many in-person and online learning opportunities such as resources through Te Ara (the College’s online learning management system).

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Tautoko for Māori registrars and Fellows

Tautoko is provided to Māori registrars studying GPEP and once they have graduated and become Fellows. The College’s specialist Māori staff work alongside registrars, as does our Pou Whirinaki who provides clinical and pastoral support in the first year of general practice study. They also oversee the curriculum.

Māori registrars can also join and participate in Te Akoranga a Māui, the College’s special Māori representative group.

Registrars can opt in or opt out of these offerings at any time during their study.

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Key admission dates

  • Applications typically open in February and close in April each year.
  • Formal offer letters for successful applicants will be sent in June and July 2024.
  • GPEP year 1 starts the following January.

Pātai about GPEP?

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