General Practitioner | Palmerston North

2/02/2020 | ID: 002806

We are looking for a GP who is in GPEP or already a Fellow (or equivalent).

Supported ongoing education and training. Cornerstone accredited practice. Hours negotiable.

Health Hub Project New Zealand (HHPNZ) is a progressive and innovative health care centre with a rapidly growing patient population.

All our staff play roles spearheading and leading the design and development of new approaches to the delivery of health care and health education.

We work differently than other GP practices, in Clinical Teams. Teams comprise of an experienced clinician (doctor or a nurse practitioner) and clinicians (doctors, nurses, physio, SW, nutritionist).

Experienced clinicians are available throughout all sessions for joint consultation and discussion of cases as required. This creates a dynamic, collegial environment for us all to develop our skills and a transdisciplinary approach to health.


Name: Health Hub Project
Phone: +64 06 358 7282
Website: {#Contactwebsite}




Full-time vacancy