Reviewed 22 January 2022

Triaging of calls was already happening before COVID-19 became an issue, but with the advent of the virus this has taken on a new importance. In the past, triage was used to determine a measure of urgency. However, in recent times this has taken on another dimension whereby patients were initially offered the option of a non-face to face consultation.

With the arrival of COVID-19 there has been a change of focus where patients have been allocated virtual consultations by a clinician’s decision.

Our advice is:

  • For red traffic light level: A virtual consultation should be decided by the clinician (for all patients).
  • For an orange traffic light level: the decision about a virtual vs. an in-person consultation should be made between the clinician and the patient (providing that they are vaccinated).
  • For a green traffic light level: The patient can decide if their consultation is virtual or in-person (no matter their vaccination s