COVID-19 positive staff member

Updated 25 August 2021

What actions does a COVID-19 positive staff member need to take?

Stay at home until COVID-19 test is negative and until 24 hours after your symptoms resolve.

The instructions for those who have been told to self isolate is slightly different (this includes section 70 people).

This will be published in the updated PCQRG: 

Health care workers are exempt from the Section 70 order and can return to work earlier than day 5 as long as ALL these conditions are met: 

  1. The essential health care worker is not a close contact of the COVID case.

  2. The essential heath care worker is fully vaccinated with Pfizer/BionTech COVID19 vaccine.

  3. The close contact has had a negative swab post the exposure event 

  4. All in the household are well (with no symptoms consistent with COVID-19 infection) 

Checklist: COVID-19 positive staff member

If a staff member at your practice tests positive for COVID-19, use this checklist as a guideline.