Lodging an ACC claim for maternal birthing injuries

29 August 2022 

By Caitlin Russell, ACC Communications and Engagement Advisor

ACC is preparing to extend cover to maternal injuries that occur during labour or birth. If legislation before Parliament is passed, they’ll be covered as a personal injury caused by accident (PICBA) from 1 October 2022. 

Data modelling from ACC suggests that about 60% of the 47,000 maternal birth injuries that occur each year could result in a claim being lodged with ACC.

Maternal birth injuries can often present some time after a birth. For example, a prolapse may happen 18 months later or sexual dysfunction may occur after 12 months. GPs will play an important role in diagnosing these injuries, lodging claims and referring patients for treatment.

Variations to ACC contracts

To make sure providers and suppliers can lodge maternal birth injury claims from 1 October, ACC are making variations to the Allied Health, Clinical Services, Rural General Practice and Urgent Care contracts.

These include new procedure codes and the addition of obstetricians and gynaecologists as named providers in the clinical services contract.

A new procedure code for GPs working under Cost of Treatment Regulations is being added to align with changes to the rural general practice and urgent care contracts.

How to lodge a birth injury claim

To lodge a maternal birth injury claim with ACC from 1 October, you’ll need to fill out an ACC45 claim lodgement form and submit it the same way you normally do. 

There are some additional things to note when filling out the ACC45 for a maternal birth injury: 

  • the date the birth occurred is the date of injury
  • in some instances, the birthing parent will experience more than one injury. For example, a tear and a fistula. There is room for up to three separate diagnoses on the ACC45 claim form
  • ‘MBI’ or ‘maternal birth injury’ should be noted in the additional injury comments section of Part D. This will help ACC make faster cover decisions for your patient. 

ACC is developing information for practitioners and patients which will be shared as we get closer to 1 October. This will include information about claim lodgement, the maternal birth injuries which will be covered, and resources to help parents understand what help may be available through ACC.

Share your feedback on this change

Please fill out the short survey ACC has created to gauge the readiness of GPs for this change. The survey takes less than two minutes to fill out and will help ACC better understand how to support you with this change.

Find out more on the ACC website.