A 'golden opportunity' to work together 

27  February 2020

The College hosted health leaders and journalists on Wednesday evening, creating the opportunity for key influencers to build connections and strengthen relationships in a relaxed, friendly environment.

President Dr Samantha Murton spoke at the event, which happened after a day-long College Board meeting. She said it had been a productive meeting and the Board were working collaboratively to keep GPs safe and supported in their work and in their teams.

She noted that several health organisations were represented in the room and that “we have a golden opportunity to work together” and that, “a lot of good things can happen.”

The event was also an opportunity for health sector people to meet Karen Vaughan in person, the College’s Head of Stakeholder Relations. Karen, who is also a member of the senior management team, is working on maintaining the College’s strategic relationships as a channel for general practice advocation. Her team works with the people in the room on Wednesday, and their teams, to ensure the College is in the right place and being part of the right conversations and actions that make a difference to the GP profession.  

Karen has a Ph.D. in Education, accomplished research background, and a love of collaboration. Put those together and the College has the benefit of her leadership, with her team’s support, in representing our views to a wide range of health sector professionals. The Stakeholder Relations team also gives sound advice to the College’s Board, advisory committees, the Division of Rural Hospital Medicine (DRHM) and others. 

The health leaders’ function was held at the College from 5-7pm on Wednesday 26 February 2020.


Amanda Torr, Keriana Brooking                     Lucia Bercinskas and Aniva Lawrence          Les Toop, Barbara Fountain and Richard Tyler
and Karen Vaughan