Show the public of Aotearoa your support of the COVID-19 vaccination

2 September 2021

The College is joining other health organisations and colleges to show the public of Aotearoa New Zealand we support vaccination against COVID-19.

But we need your help; we need as many members as possible to also show support by signing the Doctors Stand Up for Vaccination letter.

It’s quick and will take about one minute of your time – you’ll need to provide your name, MCNZ number and specialty. Use the link below to read and sign the letter. There’s also a supporting FAQ document.

View and sign the Doctors stand up for vaccination letter


We’ve supported COVID-19 vaccination through the media

College medical director Dr Bryan Betty wrote an opinion piece titled NZ's Covid-free status relies on trust in the vaccine which featured on Stuff.


“As a profession, general practitioners are becoming frustrated by the amount of misinformation being spread about the safety of the COVID vaccine by individuals and groups who belittle the science and the data, and in many cases hide behind the Internet,” says Bryan.

And when Bryan spoke to TVNZ, he said GPs were now facing “dozens” of questions from people about the vaccine that stem from misinformation. 

COVID-19 Vaccination in the general practice workforce

While the College supports the public to be vaccinated, it also supports guidance from MCNZ and NCNZ that all health professionals should be vaccinated against COVID-19.

It's the College’s viewpoint that GPs work in a high-risk environment of contracting, and/or transmitting COVID-19 to others.  

In a healthcare setting, members and their staff are dealing with disease every day and practices are required to have health and safety policies and effective measures to keep their staff and their patients safe.

View the College’s position.