Showcase your practices work with the CQI module

26 March 2021

Last year, the College’s Quality team launched a new Cornerstone programme along with its new core module, Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI).

The CQI module allows practices to demonstrate their work towards improving health outcomes through a ‘CQI initiative,’ an area of improvement where they can apply a structured quality improvement model to track progress. 

The College’s Quality Manager, Nick Kimber says many practices in Aotearoa New Zealand are already undertaking great quality work, with or without the use of methods and quality tools. 

“The CQI module helps practices to identify and act on areas of need and inequity by using those quality tools and methodologies.”

When choosing a ‘CQI initiative’ work on, the choice is totally up to the practice provided the project is within the CQI module parameters. 

“The choice is yours - you decide what activity will help improve the health outcome of your patients within the CQI module requirements,” says Nick 

Some quality initiative examples include: 

  • A reduction in HbA1c levels for patients with Type 2 diabetes and a Body Mass Index (BMI) greater than 35
  • The identification of all patients with Hepatitis C and supporting them to undertake treatment
  • Identifying childhood immunisation rates and interventions enabling increased uptake
  • Improving access to health care for patients with chronic diseases, e.g. asthma, diabetes, COPD, gout and skin conditions
  • Improving screening rates, e.g. smoking cessation, cervical screening and cardiovascular risk assessments)

Taking part in the CQI module has a number of benefits for a practice and its staff including rewarding and impowering staff, showcasing the practices work towards improved health outcomes and confidence building.

“The CQI module creates confidence and skill within the team to repeat and redefine each quality improvement process and apply it to areas where practice data is signalling the need,” says Nick.

The CQI section on the Quality website has recently been refreshed. Checkout these new webpages if you’d like to know more about how the module could benefit your practice.