Te Whanake – your refreshed CPD programme is coming soon

5 August 2022

By Candice Beck, Manager - Membership & Professional Development

In October 2022, the College is launching a refreshed CPD programme called Te Whanake. To help us switch over to the new system, the current Triennium 9 will close at 5.00pm on Tuesday 30 August 2022. 
If you have any records of learning, events, or professional development that you want to be included within your Triennium 9 record – please ensure that these are entered by 5.00pm on Tuesday 30 August. 

Take Te Whanake for a test drive – we need your feedback 
Want to help us test drive out Te Whanake before it launches? We would love to have you on board as a tester, email us at cpd@rnzcgp.org.nz

Te Whanake timeline 

Te Whanake FAQs 

Why are you launching a new CPD programme? 
The Medical Council of New Zealand updated their recertification requirements and members told us our current CPD system was rigid, a ‘box to tick’ and slow to use. We’re confident our new system will be more rewarding, relevant, efficient and flexible. 

By closing on the 30 August, I am only part way through my triennium, will my record show I still met requirements? 
Most members will still meet the reduced requirements for Triennium 9 despite closing earlier, please email cpd@rnzcgp.org.nz if you have questions about your record. 

I am mid-way through some professional development, how will I record that? 
If you can, a good way around this would be to segment up your professional development and add anything into your Triennium 9 record before 30 August, and then record the rest to Te Whanake once it opens.  Alternatively, if it’s not able to be segmented you could enter it into Te Whanake when you complete the activity i.e., post graduate research or papers.

I want a record of my CPD for my Tri 9, how do I get this?
You can access this up until 30 August by going to your CPD programme dashboard.  After 30 August, please email cpd@rnzcgp.org.nz

What happens if I miss the 30 August deadline to upload something to my Triennium 9? 
Unfortunately, once Triennium 9 is closed there is no way for you or the College to add any activities to it.  If you need support or have questions about your Triennium 9, please contact the team at cpd@rnzcgp.org.nz 

I attended an event held by a College endorsed provider, will that get added in time? 
We will be working closely with our endorsed education providers to ensure events that occurred prior to Tuesday 30 August are entered into your records.

Where do I record my professional development and learning activities after 30 August? 
The refreshed CPD programme (Te Whanake) will be launched for you in October 2022. Please keep a manual record of any learning from the end of your Tri 9 (end of August) and launch (early October) so that you can record it once Te Whanake opens.