Board election announcement 

24 May 2021

By Alex Bygrave, Communications Advisor 

The College is pleased to announce Dr Daniel McIntosh has been appointed to the College Board after a contested election process. Dr McIntosh has a unique background, combining medicine and accounting, a skillset that makes him a valuable and welcome addition to the Board. 

He had his first experience with the College Board in 2016 when he was appointed as the Board Apprentice for a twelve-month term. He has since been the Chair the College’s Audit and Risk Committee and has joined the Waikato/Bay of Plenty Faculty Board.

Dr McIntosh started his career in finance, graduating from the University of Waikato with a Management Studies Degree in 2002. He found himself drawn to medicine even then, when a good friend’s medical degree seemed much more interesting than his own. However, he was committed to finishing what he started. He finished his degree and worked as an auditor for three years to complete his qualification as a chartered accountant in 2006. It seemed like Daniel was set up for life in the financial sector. 

It didn’t take long for him to realise that his interest lay more in people than in numbers and he took the first steps in what had become an inevitable career change. He started with a post-graduate diploma in Public Health and then spent six years completing MBChB at Auckland University. In 2012 he became a House Officer at Waikato Hospital and spent two years there. 

Although Dr McIntosh knew then that he wanted to be a general practitioner, he felt that emergency work would be extremely valuable. He went to Australia where he gained experience in emergency medicine at the Coffs Harbour Health Campus and then returned to New Zealand in 2015 and started as a registrar, practising in Mount Maunganui. 

Now after several years working in medicine he can say that he is challenged, rewarded, and enlightened every day. Dr McIntosh understands the financial challenges the sector is currently facing and has drawn on his accountancy experience to apply his strategic planning and financial management skills to his practise. 

He is also a Board member of the Western Bay of Plenty PHO. He considers it a privilege to be involved in the continued development of the profession and its people. Daniel lives in Tauranga with his wife Kylie and three gorgeous kids.

Daniel will take office at the end of the Annual General Meeting on 7 August 2021. 

Thank you to Dr Caroline Christie and Dr Chandra Jayaraman for their interest in the position