Meet the College's new Equity Advisors

16 July 2021

By Alex Bygrave, Communications Advisor 

The College welcomes Shehara Farik and Denzel Lumatia-Paki, our two new Auckland-based Equity Advisers (Pasifika and Rural), to the team.   

The purpose of their work is to review, refresh, and implement the College’s Pasifika and Rural equity strategies and programmes of work.  The scope of their role is broad and involves advising all areas of the College, whether that be the GPEP training programme, Quality or Continued Professional Development.  

Shehara and Denzel both have strong backgrounds in research. They plan to approach this review using evidence-based strategies and baseline data to help inform decisions, influence change, and measure progress. The collection and analysis of the data will help the College better understand the ethnic profiles of doctors and registrars, now, and in the future.  

Shehara has a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) from the University of Auckland and is working towards her Master of Public Policy, with a specific focus on health and indigenous populations.   

“I’m looking forward to being able to influence even the smallest change. Lots of small changes add up to big system level changes. We need to get it right for Indigenous and Pasifika populations because there is too much to lose if we don’t,” says Shehara.  

Denzel is in the final stages of his Master of Arts in Māori Development at Auckland’s University of Technology. His research focus has been looking into the barriers of mainstream healthcare intervention for kaumātua Māori and Pasifika elders, and he looks forward to being able to bring aspects of this research into his work for the College.  

“Make positive waves for Māori and Pacific people means improved outcomes for everyone. With the emphasis being on everyone the work we are doing can help to reduce intergenerational trauma. This is both a privilege and a huge learning opportunity,” says Denzel.  

Shehara and Denzel are welcome additions to the College’s growing Equity Team. As hardworking, motivated individuals with a united vision for health equity, they are moving with purpose within the equity space.