Congratulations to the winners of the 2022 Greg Judkins Poetry Competition    

26 July 2022

By Alex Bygrave, Communications Advisor

The winners of the Greg Judkins prize for reflective poetry were announced, and their poems read out at GP22: the Conference for General Practice. The theme this year was “getting through tough times” and the winners were Dr Gary Mitchell (long poem) and Dr Jen Abernethy (haiku). The winning poets will each receive a book by Greg Judkins, $100 cash and a $50 voucher. 

Thank you to all of the entrants and congratulations to the winnners. This year for the first time we opened up the competition to Fellows and registrars. This was well received by the membership with a record 48 entries in total. Thank you also to our judges. General practitioner and poet Dr Greg Judkins, GP and author Dr Himali McInnes, and Dunedin poet Ruth Arnison.  


Sailing through tough times , By Jen Abernethy  

My room is Waka 

I’m humbled you

Sail with me Peers are our Oars 

Long poem 

Suicide , by Gary Mitchell  

you left 

waving a brave white flag 

red marks on your neck 

my family a grieving melt 

one so young 

one so beautiful 

all that 

when the news came 

i was 

between relentless important patients 

a lone tear splashed on the “E” key 

the other eye dry 

that clinical eye 

i trained it on my next patient  


having a tough time 

a young soul scuffed and worn 

in need of so much from me, my charred work self 

how could you leave us? 

how anything ever mean anything again? 

i felt a touch on my hand 

looked up 

my patient leaning forward