JPHC Editorial Board reinstated

26 April 2022

By Simone White, Senior Communications Advisor 

When Professor Felicity Goodyear-Smith and Professor Tim Stokes applied to be the new co-editors of the Journal of Primary Health Care (JPHC), they outlined their vision for how they would keep the Journal relevant for GPs and rural hospital doctors to become one of the most respected and well-cited primary health care journals in the world.  

First on their list was to reinstate an editorial board with representation from relevant disciplines and across New Zealand’s universities to provide strong advice and governance. 

There are times when papers are submitted to the Journal and the subject or content requires further discussion before it is accepted or declined for publication. 

Having access to a diverse group of people with a wide-ranging wealth of knowledge and expertise to provide their opinion and advice on those tricky papers is invaluable. Through regular meetings, this academic support network provides the Journal’s co-editors with sound advice that they can use when making their decision about a paper. 

“It’s important that the Journal has a strong editorial advisory board for two reasons. First, their role is to advise, support, and provide us with strategic input on the Journal’s scope and focus. Second, they act as champions, promoting the Journal to their colleagues and students as a good place to publish, where their work will receive timely and robust review.

“Having an editorial board was a requirement for MEDLINE listing in 2010, and often the quality of the editorial board is a good indicator of the quality of the journal.   

“Primary health care incorporates both first contact person-based primary care, including general practice, and population-level care including public health, health promotion, disease prevention and community-based social services. We therefore wanted representation from a broad range of disciplines and populations and are delighted that a wonderful group of eminent New Zealand academics have agreed to grace our Board,” say co-editors Professors Goodyear-Smith and Stokes. 

The new Editorial Board consists of: 

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