Another succesful Round the Bays Fun Run for the Auckland Faculty

10 March 2020

On Sunday, Auckland Faculty members and their friends and family embarked on the Round the Bays Fun Run/Walk for 2020. Auckland’s Round the Bays event has tripled in numbers since 2018, and we look forward to another successful event in 2021.

A big thanks to the Auckland Faculty for pulling off yet another fantastic event. 

After the run, attendees gathered with their team members for a BBQ lunch and refreshments in the College's Auckland Faculty Marquee, and there was unanimous positive feedback about the catering. 

Check out some of the feedback we got from members below!

Dr Russell Smart:

“The catering was exceptionally good! Thank you.”

Dr Tsui-Wen Chen:

“Thanks for the opportunity to run Round the Bays this year. It all seemed to come together well in the end. Many thanks for your excellent work.”

Dr Liz Harding:

“Thanks for organising the Round the Bays team again.  Thanks so much for bringing caterers. The food was wonderful and very much appreciated. Good to have most of the seating in the shade.”

“Thanks for delivering the t-shirts and race packs. That was very helpful. Well done.”

Dr Vanish Pancha:

“We loved it!”

Dr Meg Turnbull:

“Thanks so much. The race packs and t-shirts arrived without any problems, and we really appreciated the prompt communication explaining when to expect them. We were so grateful for the excellent barbecue afterwards and for the directions to find it - I’m vegetarian and felt well provided for. We’ll definitely be signing up again next year. Thanks again.”

Dr Christine Lipyeat:

“Hi, It was great. T-shirt and race pack arrived at work in time. The food and drinks and greeting were amazing. Chance to chat to others as well. Thanks.” 

Dr Susan Autagavaia:

“Firstly I am grateful that not only did I get to go to the event I got to take my husband and sister along and it was a really cool time for us. Our t-shirts were awesome and well designed.

"We were all expecting sausages and bread but when we got to the tent we were AMAZED at the spread! Beautifully catered and generous - thank you. 

Overall I was really grateful and happy with the experience and it’s encouraged me to engage more in College activities in future. Thanks so much.”