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Annual report 

Our annual report outlines the College's purpose, vision and performance. 

ePulse newsletter

Our ePulse newsletter is sent to members and health sector stakeholders every Tuesday. It contains a wrap up of College and sector news, as well as classified and event listings.

GP Pulse

GP Pulse is the College’s online magazine. Accessible from any device, GP Pulse is regularly updated with the latest clinical, College, equity, member, rural and sector news. 

Journal of Primary Health Care

This is the College’s own peer-reviewed, scientific journal, which publishes original research, viewpoints, case reports and letters of interest to those working in primary care. Ours is an ‘open access’ journal, ensuring members and other interested parties are able to read all published articles.  

The GP Workforce

Every other year we survey our members to obtain trend information about our workforce demographics and data about topics relevant to our profession. This information is used to inform decision-making and College policy and enables the College to advocate for a strengthen general practice workforce.  

Briefing to the Minister

The purpose of this paper is to brief the Minister on the role of the College and the current issues facing general practice and primary care (sometimes referred to as community-based medicine) in New Zealand.

Member resources

Our College members are welcome to browse the ever-growing library of resources. A college login is required.