Extend your knowledge and experience outside of the practice room and into external committees led by the Ministry of Health, PHARMAC and the ACC.

Why we need representatives

Policy makers need insights into how the sector works, the capabilities and capacity of general practice and the potential unintended consequences of the decisions they make.

This is where you come in

Take your curiosity of modern health issues and jump into important discussions with other like-minded doctors. This is your chance to influence the key decision making that contributes to a variety of initiatives in government bodies and health agencies across New Zealand.

Unless bound by a confidentiality agreement, talking to your peers is essential when forming a particular position on topics presented in a committee. You can take this discussion further by asking the College to request feedback from members in relevant professional interest groups. Depending on the objectives of the committee, you will be required to either meet in person or attend a teleconference up to three or four times a year.

You can view all the organisations and committees that have approached the College for representation. 


Find out about current College representative opportunities

We advertise for College representatives regularly in our weekly enewsletter, ePulse. Find out more about ePulse and subscribe.

If you would like to advertise a GP representative position in your organisation, please contact ePulse@rnzcgp.org.nz

Please send the details of the position to us at least three weeks before nominations are due. This allows time for advertising and choosing a suitable representative.

Representatives currently wanted:

Expression of interest

If you are passionate about a specific professional interest or expertise, express your interest in joining a committee and we will contact you when something suitable is available.