Education policies and procedures

Programme development and review 

Sets out the principles relating to programme design and development, curriculum design and maintenance, programme approval and accreditation, and programme review and maintenance.

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Academic integrity 

The commitment to academic integrity expected of College staff, registrars and Fellows.

GPEP training variation

The terms and conditions under which registrars may defer the start of their training; take a break in their planned training programme (‘on hold’); withdraw from; and/or and re-enter the programme.

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GP registrar concerns and complaints 

Sets out the principles and processes for registrars in training to raise and have concerns or complaints resolved regarding their experience with other registrars, medical educators, general practice teachers, College programme advisors and other College staff.

Supporting registrars 

The principles of support and the specific roles and responsibilities of the parties involved for each stage/year of the training programme.

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Describes how an appellant may appeal against the process by which decisions have been made by the College that affects their training, assessment and/or other activities associated with GPEP.