Our rural hospital doctors provide primary and secondary care in their rural communities.

Being a rural hospital doctor is a thoroughly satisfying and rewarding career choice.  It offers you a way to choose the lifestyle you want, while contributing to your community.

Do you want to know what a rural hospital doctor does day-to-day? Read some of the profiles below to find our about our doctors.

Dr Alex McLeod

"As a rural doctor, my work is varied and my family enjoys a great lifestyle. Rural medicine is hands-on, practical and solution focused.”

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Dr Joel Pirini

"The appeal of being in a rural place is that you’re a generalist, you know a little bit about everything."

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Dr Hannah Lawn

“Rural medicine is immensely satisfying. It’s varied and exciting. In rural medicine you need a broad range of skills and the confidence to use them in any situation.”

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Dr Yan Wong 

"Rural medicine gives you a greater range of things to deal with than in your average urban general practice."

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Dr Tom Dawson

"The lifestyle is definitely a big drawcard. I have a young family and by living in a small community, we’re able to live by the beach and still be close to work"

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Dr Emma Davey

"I guess I was always destined to be a generalist, but being a rural generalist is just the best.”

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