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28 November 2017

More than 120 GPs and health sector stakeholders, including patient representatives, gathered in Wellington last week to discuss how innovation and technology could be used to improve primary health care and general practice.

The Digital Summit, hosted by the College, provided an opportunity for interested parties to hear from a range of speakers, including innovation strategist and futurist Arturo Pelayo. 

Arturo talked about a wide range of new innovations, and explained that humans’ life expectancy rates are going to keep increasing as we use technologysuch as back-up organs you can download from Dropbox and print with a 3D printer, and gene editing which will keep our bodies operational for longer. He challenged delegates to consider how we shift from providing health care, to providing life care.  

Following this, the audience heard from a range of health professionals and a patient representative, about what they hoped to see in the next 10 years in terms of primary health care advances.  At this stage, the audience was invited to offer additional ideas, then a vote was taken to identify the audiences’ top priorities.

The majority (69% of voters) wanted ‘Smart, open and seamless updating and sharing of patient data between primary, secondary and social agencies, and with the patient in control (EHR).’ This was followed by ‘Virtual consultations with their own GP’ (53% of voters), and ‘GPs able to easily collaborate virtually with hospital specialists’ (51% of voters).

This information gives the College a good steer on where it should focus its efforts, in terms of member advocacy, support and training.  The information gathered on the day, including a list of barriers that need to be overcome, will form the basis of a report to the College Board and an action plan for moving forward.

Feedback and engagement from delegates was extremely positive throughout the day, with many noting it was useful to hear about technologies being used in other sectors and other countries. 

You can see all the speakers’ presentations online now.
Our Facebook page will be used to share ideas and keep technology-related conversations going, as the College develops action plans to address the issues raised. We encourage all members with an interest in technology and innovation to follow this page.

Preceding the Summit, the College released a position statement on telehealth and technology-based services, which you can access on our telehealth webpage.

See the presentations

We now have presentations from our Summit speakers available online.

Follow the link below to view the presentations, and to find out more about the speakers.

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