Digital Summit: Meet Speaker Helmut Modlik

College news | 7 November 2017

Helmut Modlik is the Chief Executive of Patients First, a charitable company providing IT solutions that enable a better informed, better connected and more efficient health sector.

Attendees at the College’s Digital Summit will find a rich source of experience in Helmut, who has had over 25 years’ experience delivering ICT and business improvement initiatives in primary care.  

His current role with Patients First draws on his health sector background, as well as his specialist skills in new venture development, strategic analysis, change management and public policy.

 “As an organisation, Patients First has worked closely with and for the health sector since its inception in 2013,” says Helmut.

“Now we’re in a phase of actively identifying and deploying technology and services that can add value to the primary care sector.” 

“I’m excited to be leading Patients First.”

One of Patient First’s latest developments is hMael™, an innovative and highly secure email system designed specifically for the health sector. 

It replaces the open email systems and facsimiles still commonly used across the sector to communicate sensitive patient information.

With New Zealand’s unique health environment in mind, Patients First’s vision is to develop better systems for better health outcome for all Kiwis – especially those in greatest need – and its CE has a personal commitment to Māori social and economic development.

Demonstrating this commitment, Helmut has provided leadership and consultancy in previous roles for a number of Iwi organisations, Māori education institutes and business organisations. 

Helmut has also spent time as the Chief Executive of industry training group Connexis, education sector integrator Telco Technology Services, cloud computing service provider ASPX, and Maori Economic Development Agency Poutama Trust.

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College hosted summit

The College hosted an interactive one day workshop in Wellington on 23 November 2017.

Attendees helped identify technology-related opportunities for the sector and the barriers that need to be overcome if the sector is to achieve these.

The College hopes to develop the discussion into a robust action plan that will help the sector create an appropriate, digitally-enabled future.

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