Digital Summit: Meet Keynote Speaker John Macaskill-Smith

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7 November 2017

John Macaskill-Smith has spent 20 years leading change in primary care. 

In 2001, he took a team of 16 people at Pinnacle Midlands Health Network and turned it into Ventures Ltd., the broader group of companies and innovations that the Network has become known for. 

Macaskill-Smith is passionate about bridging the gap between technology and outcomes, and will be speaking at the College’s Digital Summit on 23 November sharing his insights on telehealth and the digital future of primary care.

As the Chief Executive of Ventures Ltd, Macaskill-Smith has spent nearly seven years helping grow the Health Care Home concept into the national collaborative programme that it is today. 

As part of this development, Pinnacle trialled the now widely used patient portal technology, allowing patients to access health records, prescriptions and appointment data from home.

Pinnacle has been using the XCRANIA IT package to establish a secure cloud storage system for primary care. This technology has allowed medical centres to consolidate information from multiple locations, and offer some services remotely.

The Patea Community Health Centre has been using XCRANIA’s virtual consultation function to provide medical care to its 1,500 patients locally, rather than having them travel 40 minutes or more for an appointment in Hawera or Whanganui.

Attendees at the Digital Summit will enjoy picking Macaskill-Smith’s brain about what’s next for New Zealand’s primary health care and telehealth landscape.

For more information about patient portals and digital health services, you may like to read the College's new position statement  Telehealth and technology-based services which we've published ahead of the summit.

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Read our telehealth position statement.



College hosted summit

The College hosted an interactive one day workshop in Wellington on 23 November 2017.

Attendees helped identify technology-related opportunities for the sector and the barriers that need to be overcome if the sector is to achieve these.

The College hopes to develop the discussion into a robust action plan that will help the sector create an appropriate, digitally-enabled future.

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