August 2019

Improvements made following user feedback

We're well over halfway through the pilot phase, and are pleased to report that we have received nearly 60 feedback points on the four draft modules: Foundation, Continuous Quality Improvement, Teaching and General Practice.

Multiple stakeholders, including representatives from Primary Health Organisations (PHOs) and the Health Quality and Safety Commission (HQSC), pilot practices, assessors, and others have let us know what could be improved. Our efforts continue to focus on ensuring the new modules are fit for purpose.

Some of examples of the feedback we have received so far includes:

  • Some indicators need more explicit guidance.
  • Some resources are no longer current and need updating.
  • Participation in the Health Quality and Safety Commission’s (HQSC) Primary Care Patient Experience Survey (PES) is not available to all hence an alternative, endorsed survey can be used.
  • Patient Information System will be updated to Practice Information System.

We are using this feedback to make changes and clarifications to the modules in real-time. Later this week we'll make a summary of these modifications available on this webpage.

Giving feedback

Remember: even if you’re not involved in the pilot, you can feedback on the draft modules (available on our Foundation and CORNERSTONE® simplification webpage).

You can give feedback by downloading the modules and adding your comments, or by emailing us at

Feedback could cover the following areas:

  1. Are there indicators or criteria that are unclear? Is the required evidence easy to understand?
  2. Are there any additional training needs that should be compulsory?
  3. Does the guidance help you understand the criteria and required evidence?
  4. Are there any additional references that would be helpful to include?
  5. Are there indicators or criteria that would fit better in a different module?
  6. Are there indicators or criteria you feel should be taken out?

New project manager

Donna Jones has joined the Foundation and CORNERSTONE® simplification project team as Project Lead, replacing contractor Steve Kelly.

As Project Lead, Donna manages the testing and the implementation for the simplification of the College's CORNERSTONE® accreditation programme.

Donna joined us mid-July and is looking forward to bringing the project benefits to fruition.

The College would like to thank Steve Kelly for his work on the project and for laying foundations for the team to follow.

Get in touch

You can visit our project webpage for an overview of the project, FAQs, links to previous updates, and the latest information.

If you have any questions about the project or the pilot, please email