Participate in the CQI module pilot

18 June 2019

Our final quality standards need to meet the quality requirements of practices and to achieve this, we’re piloting drafts of all the modules and inviting feedback before they’re finalised.
The Foundation Standard and CORNERSTONE® Teaching Practice module pilots are both underway and we’ve also invited practices to express interest in piloting the CORNERSTONE® General Practice module.
We’re now inviting practices to pilot the draft CORNERSTONE® Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) module – a mandatory module to achieve CORNESTONE® accreditation. 
A reminder that to achieve CORNESTONE® accreditation, practices will need to be accredited against the Foundation Standard module, the Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) module and a practice chosen module. 

Participate in the CQI pilot

The CORNESTONE® CQI module pilot will run for four months and we’ve developed a couple of resources to help you decide if this pilot is an option for your practice:

If your practice is interested in participating in the pilot, please email by Sunday 23 June 2019.

Helpful feedback for the Quality team

When providing feedback on the draft CQI  module, it would be helpful to consider:

  • Does the guidance help you understand the CQI initiative methodology, accreditation criteria and final report requirements?
  • Is the Model for Improvement guidance clear?
  • Is the PDSA guidance clear?
  • Are there any additional references or examples that would be helpful to include?

The easiest way to provide feedback is to download the draft CQI module, add comments to the document, and email it to Alternatively, you can email us your feedback without adding comments to the document itself. 

Modules being piloted

We’re inviting practices to test all our new modules. Here’s what we’ll be piloting: 

Further modules will be added at a later date.

More information

See our project webpage for an overview of the project, FAQs, links to previous updates, and the latest information. 

If you have any questions about the project or the pilot, please email