“Registrars provide a different viewpoint on your practice and you may gain valuable ideas and insights from them.”
Dr Lynne Harvey | Whangarei practice owner

Becoming a teaching practice

To become a teaching practice, you must first: 

  • Achieve Foundation certification and/or Cornerstone accreditation (see section below for more details)
  • Email GPEPApplications@rnzcgp.org.nz to express your interest in hosting a registrar

Quality programme certification and/or accreditation

All practices have been transitioned onto the new Quality framework as of 1 April 2020.

All practices are projected to complete their new requirements by December 2022. 

During this transitional process, the following is relevant for practices wishing to host a GPEP registrar:

  • All GPEP year 1 registrars are required to be hosted in a Cornerstone accredited teaching practice. 
  • It is recommended GPEP year 2 and registrars are placed in a Cornerstone accredited teaching practice, but it is not compulsory. They may be placed in Foundation certified practices. GPEP year 2 and 3 registrars are not required to be placed in a teaching practice or have an assigned teacher.
  • By December 2022, all registrars will be required to be placed in a practice that has:
    • Cornerstone accreditation
    • Has completed the Cornerstone Teaching module 
    • An assigned teacher for GPEP 1 Registrars and
    • Committed to providing a supportive training environment to all GPEP year 2 and 3 registrars