CORNERSTONE® Teaching Practice module pilot

Practices have been sent the draft CORNERSTONE® Teaching Practice module along with an invitation to pilot it.

We're pleased to confirm 12 practices are signed up. It’s great to see a range of practices interested – small, medium, large, urban and rural. This will help us to ensure the final CORNERSTONE® Teaching Practice  meets the needs of all types of practices.

Pilot documents

Helpful feedback for the Quality team 

If the pilot isn’t for you, we’d still like to get your comments. When providing feedback on the draft Foundation Standard module, it would be helpful to consider: 

  • Are there indicators or criteria that are unclear? Is the required evidence easy to understand?\
  • Are there any additional training needs that should be compulsory?
  • Does the guidance help you understand the criteria and required evidence?
  • Are there any additional references that would be helpful to include?
  • Are there indicators or criteria that would fit better in the Foundation Standard module, CORNERSTONE® Continuous Quality Improvement module, or CORNERSTONE® General Practice module?
  • Are there indicators or criteria you feel should be taken out?
The easiest way to provide feedback is to download the CORNERSTONE® Teaching Practice module, add comments and suggestions to the document and send it to Alternatively, you can email us your comments and suggestions.


If you have any questions about the project, please email