Diabetes/Vascular GP | Hamilton

5/09/2019 | ID: 002233

Seeking a GP with a special interest in diabetes or vascular medicine in Hamilton.

The New Zealand Artificial Limb Service (NZALS) is seeking an experienced and culturally competent GP with expertise in diabetes and/or vascular medicine. The position is based in our Hamilton Centre, approximately two hours per fortnight.

The GP will work with a patient centered, multidisciplinary team to provide healthcare and rehabilitation services to our patients, and contribute towards our vision of independent and productive lives of the people we care for.

Hourly rate is competitive and negotiable.


Email:  sarah.maguire@nzals.co.nz
Name: Sarah Maguire
Phone: 043859410
Website: http://www.nzals.co.nz




Part-time vacancy