President election candidate Samantha Murton

Personal statement

Ko Whitireia te maunga
Ko Raukawa te moana
Ko Rangitata te waka
No Paremata ahau
Ko Paul rāua ko Eppie ōku mātua
Ko Samantha tōku ingoa

As General Practitioners we need to be in charge of our destiny, sustained in our roles and have a consensus voice. I would listen to your thoughts and ideas, support your selfcare and provide the connection between your voice and key stakeholders.

I have been extensively involved in College activities since 2004. My roles have included:

  • training registrars and students in my practice, 
  • training GPEP registrars regionally and nationally, 
  • supporting and training the trainers, 
  • running the house surgeon rural programme (PGGP), 
  • setting direction for the General Practice curriculum, 
  • representing the College on various working parties, 
  • researching and writing the selfcare document,
  • undertaking the research on bullying and it’s solutions in General Practice 

In addition to this, as inaugural Medical Director I answered to the CEO and Board, attended board meetings, represented the College on various government working groups and liaised with members. 

For the last three years I have been working both in practice and as a Senior Lecturer and Trainee Intern Convenor at University of Otago, Wellington. In my convenor role I continue to connect with members who supervise students and encourage these students into general practice.

All of these experiences have allowed me to understand the needs and aspirations of New Zealand’s GPs at all levels. I am in a strong position to be able to represent GPs and to work with them to co-construct solutions that address those needs and aspirations.

I am convinced that expert general practice is pivotal to optimising care for our patients as it adapts to stay at the forefront of Health care in New Zealand. We need to put some creative thought and energy into how we, as expert generalists, instigate and champion that change. 

I have led the operation of a low-cost inner-city practice for the past twenty years (without VLCA funding) staffed mostly by female GPs. As gender roles have evolved over the years doctors increasingly face the challenge of balancing work and family life. Our upcoming doctors and potential GPs are a diverse group able to support patients in all their diversity. Supporting, encouraging and sustaining ourselves and new GPs as we work in these varied communities, dealing with issues our patients face, will enable us to provide care that is equitable, appropriate, and delivered in a timely fashion.

In all my roles I have championed collaboration and transparency. I enjoy working with and encouraging others whatever their role. Over the years I have participated in and lead many successful teams. I am willing and equipped to take on the challenges that face general practitioners and their patients, bring together GPs nationally, and champion the role of the expert general practitioner who works in the broader primary care team.

If you'd like to contact me, please do so via email to

Turou hawaiki,

Dr Samantha Murton 

MBChB, PGDipGP(Dist.), DFRNZCGP, FAcadMed.

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