The Quality Standard

Quality news for general practice

Issue 11 – October 2017

2017 Quality Symposium

This symposium brought together delegates to discuss trends and issues relating to eHealth in in general practice and primary health, asking the question: technology is changing – are you?

We were delighted to have Professor David Haslam, chair of the UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) deliver the keynote at this year’s Quality Symposium on 27 July 2017.

Setting the scene for the conference, David looked ahead – attempting to answer the ambitious question: What can we predict about healthcare over the next century? He reminded us of an important lesson in quality implementation: things go wrong, and encouraged us to learn from the human factors discipline.

Later in the day, presenters shared examples of their work to improve quality, with talks on adverse drug reaction reporting and on national reportable events. There were also a range of presentations on patient portals, covering how they benefit patients, clinicians and the practice as a whole.

The day closed with a bit of a twist – delegates got out bananas and tape measures as part of an interactive session on whether data helps or hinders, by Dr John Robson.

We have a wonderful selection of photos taken at the symposium and conference – you can browse and download low-resolution images, and purchase high-resolution and physical copies, with the following password: ‘rnzcgp2017’. All the presentations for the symposium and conference are also available online to read or download.

Professor David Haslam

Dr Jeff Lowe discussing patient portals

Delegates in Dr John Robson's session