The College’s Workforce Survey is a biennial event that provides data and trend information on retirement, income, employment status, working hours, and demographics.

2020 Workforce Survey

In 2020 over 5000 Fellows, Members and Associates of the College and the Division of Rural Hospital Medicine were surveyed (almost all doctors working in New Zealand general practice), with a response rate of 60 percent.

Key highlights of the 2020 Workforce Survey have been shown in infographics (you can access the full reports below):

  • Portrait of a New Zealand GP (PDF, PNG)
  • The lowdown on rural hospital doctors (PDF, PNG)
  • What is the ethnic make-up of our GP workforce? (PDF, PNG)
  • The gender pay gap for general practitioners (PDF, PNG)
  • Where did GPs get their first medical degree? (PDF, PNG)
  • Where did international graduates get their first medical degree? (PDF, PNG)
These infographics are shared under a creative commons licence but please attribute them to The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners. We recommend, for best results that you link on your platform to the full-sized document. Please contact the Communications Team if you'd like other file types, or have questions.


Following anecdotal member feedback and early results from the 2020 Workforce Survey about burnout levels (31 percent in 2020, compared to 22 percent in 2016), the College President, Dr Samantha Murton, asked management to survey members to help identify the factors contributing to member burnout.

An anonymous survey was run during the last two weeks of November 2020. In total, 1495 responses were received, which included 809 verbatim comments.

Analysis of these results identified three core themes contributing to member burnout:
1. Increased patient need and complexity
2. Structure of the funding formula
3. Administrative burden. 

We released the results of the burnout survey with an exclusive TVNZ story on 8 March 2021 and a media statement from the College following that.

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