General Practitioners | Auckland

19/12/2019 | ID: 002665

Work in one of the most idyllic locations in the world

Enjoy the island lifestyle, or the free tranquil commute from the mainland

Great team of fantastic GPs and Nurses, with strong development available

You would ideally be:

• Interested in practice development – serving as an active member of the practice team and the wider GP peer group on the island
• Have special interest areas they would like to develop e.g. palliative care/youth health/mental health/men’s health/lifestyle-wellness model – just to name a few
• Positive outlook and a self-starter – interested in innovation and advancement within primary care, always will to help out colleagues and being pro-active around sharing their knowledge
• Great at working collaboratively and engaged in patient management with the team – solving complex patient issues as a team, where needed
• Interested in developing and optimising the nursing team and supporting nurse-led clinics
• Supportive of nurse practitioner role


Name: Sheebu Singh
Phone: 0273037565




Full-time vacancy