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16/01/2020 Continuing Medical Education

Canterbury GP Professional Education Series 2020

Hosted by Oxford Women's Health.

13/03/2020 Continuing Medical Education

Good Clinical Practice Training

Hosted by the Green Lane Coordinating Centre.

31/03/2020 Continuing Medical Education

Cardiology Case Studies & Non-Invasive Testing of the Heart

Hosted by Waitemata Cardiology.

31/03/2020 Continuing Medical Education

Osteoarthritis Update 2020

Hosted by River Radiology Limited.

4/04/2020 Continuing Medical Education

Certificate of Skin Cancer Medicine 2020

Hosted by the Skin Cancer College Australasia.

4/04/2020 Continuing Medical Education

Certificate of Dermoscopy 2020

Hosted by the Skin Cancer College Australasia.

7/04/2020 Continuing Medical Education

Primary Birthing – Is hospital the best place to give birth?

Hosted by Acurity Health Ltd.

22/05/2020 REG

Canterbury Faculty AGM 2020

Hosted by the Canterbury Faculty.

11/06/2020 Conference

GPCME Rotorua 2020

Hosted by the New Zealand Medical Association.

20/06/2020 Conference

Northland Faculty Annual Conference

Hosted by the Northland Faculty.

24/06/2020 Conference

WONCA Europe Conference 2020

Hosted by WONCA.

13/08/2020 Conference

GPCME South 2020

Hosted by the New Zealand Medical Association.

17/09/2020 Continuing Medical Education

PMAANZ Conference 2020

Hosted by the Practice Managers and Administrators Association of New Zealand .

15/03/2020 Continuing Medical Education

Medicinal Cannabis, Hepatitis B, Orthopaedics

Hosted by the Auckland Chinese Medical Association.

1/01/0001 Continuing Medical Education

Insulin intensification in Type 2 Diabetes E-Learning Module

Hosted by Research Review New Zealand.

1/01/0001 Continuing Medical Education

Diagnosis and Management of Familial Hypercholesterolaemia

Hosted by Research Review New Zealand.

31/03/2020 Continuing Medical Education

Understanding Hearing Loss: Detection, Diagnosis, Management

Hosted by Bay Audiology.

9/09/2020 Conference

Rural Generalist CME Workshop 2020

Hosted by The University of Otago Postgraduate Programme.