What is continuing medical education?

The term ‘continuing medical education’ (CME) is used to describe medical education activities designed to enhance practitioners’ knowledge, skills, attitudes and professional judgement.

There is an expectation that general practitioners will select education activities that best meet their personal and professional learning needs.

Who must do CME?

Engaging in continuing professional development (CPD) activities is a requirement of all general practitioners. CME is one type of CPD activity.

CME endorsement options

  • Registered provider*
    For providers offering (and/or able to offer) CME activities on a variety of learning topics on a regular basis, either nationwide or in a specific geographic area or field of practice.
  • Regular endorsement*
    For providers offering educational learning activities on one learning topic, multiple times throughout a year.
  • Single event endorsement*
    For providers offering a one-off educational learning activity or conference.

*These types of endorsement can include e-learning activities.