2.2 Enrolling patients

Although enrollment in a primary health organisation (PHO) is voluntary, most New Zealanders enrol through their general practice to receive cheaper doctors’ visits and other subsidies.

Standard – what we’ll be assessing on Evidence to provide for assessment

2.2 The practice registers and/or enrols patients consistent with current Ministry of Health guidelines.

  • A patient enrolment form including a privacy statement.

Patient enrolment

Practices must enrol patients in a way that is consistent with current Te whatu Ora guidelines, which includes using the correct enrolment form and privacy statement.

Entering ethnicity data

The collection of ethnicity data at the time of enrolment is used to help in health research and develop new treatments for different ethnic groups. The ethnicity question must be worded as specified by the Ministry of Health.

Patients enrol at a practice
Patients enrol with a practice with help from the practice manager.

With the transition from a manual to an electronic enrolment system, the National Enrolment Service provides:

  • a real time enrolment process used by all general practices
  • an up to date data set to ensure accuracy of Capitation Based Funding (CBF) calculations
  • validated NHI and up-to-date patient demographics, supporting accurate identification of enrolled population and clinical safety
  • validated addresses using eSAM service, supporting accurate assignment of funding
  • health identity and enrolment web services integration with PMS, creating a seamless experience for the user when interacting with health services.

Ethnicity data capture 

Providing quality ethnicity data will ensure the government is able to track health trends by ethnicity and effectively monitor its performance to improve health outcomes and reduce health inequities.

Ethnicity data must not be transferred from a previous enrolment form as it may have been incorrectly collected. When collecting ethnicity, self-identification must be the process used to identify a patient’s ethnic group(s). The registration form includes a field to capture ethnicity data.

It is unacceptable for the collector to guess any patient’s ethnicity or to complete the questions on behalf of the patient based on what they perceive to be the respondent’s physical appearance.

Ethnicity capture must align with enrolment requirements for providers and primary health organisations. The ethnicity question must be worded as specified in the Ministry of Health policy.