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Our CPD (MOPS) team can help you understand how to meet your CPD requirements in your recertification programme. We can help you input your CPD credits, find a peer group or resuscitation course.

Contact the CPD team at or call +64 4 496 5999.
Our GPEP team can help you with your Learning Zone, GPEP1 and GPEP2/3 questions. Feel free to login to your Member Dashboard to find your GP resources.

Contact the GPEP team at or call +64 4 496 5999.
Our Finance team can help you with any accounts, fees or membership enquiries. Feel free to login to your Member Dashboard to find your invoices.

Contact our Accounts team at or call +64 4 496 5999.
Our Policy team works on publications such as the workforce survey and position statements. We invite members to submit their professional opinion on current consultations.

Contact our Advocacy and Insights team at or call +64 4 496 5999.
Our Membership team can help with any enquiries about our publications (including our weekly e-newsletter - ePulse, our monthly e-magazine GP Pulse, and the Journal of Primary Health Care). We also handle Faculty and Chapter enquiries.

Contact our Communications team at or call +64 4 496 5999.
Our media representative can help answer any media enquiries.

Contact our Communications at or ring +64 4 496 5999.
For urgent or after hours please call 021 0278 1909.

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