College leadership team

Our leadership team sets the tone and direction for the College, under the guidelines of Te Rautaki our Statement of Strategic Intent.

Meet our people

Lynne Hayman Chief Executive

Lynne  Hayman

Chief Executive

I have been Chief Executive since July 2019 and am responsible to the College Board for the ongoing delivery of Te Rautaki: the Statement of Strategic Intent.

I’m delighted with the achievements of the team in recent years and count as some of their biggest achievements. These include the:

  • lifting of the public profile of the College and our members
  • ongoing journey of embedding cultural safety and equitable health outcomes across all aspects of the College
  • extensive refresh of the GPEP curriculum
  • modernising of The Foundation Standard and Cornerstone
  • substantial advocacy and member support
  • constant pivoting necessary as the College weathered the COVID-19 pandemic over a prolonged period.

I am supported by my Senior Leadership Team and our extremely talented and committed staff, in addition to an array of passionate members providing services to meet the College’s strategic outcomes.

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Dr Bryan Betty

Dr  Bryan  Betty

Medical Director

I’m in charge of most of the College’s clinical statements to media and cover topics like COVID-19, medications, telehealth, wait lists, and high-needs healthcare.

I provide leadership to the College when we’re speaking to Government and sit on expert advisory panels and committees representing primary healthcare. I contribute to the reputation of the College by keeping up to date on best practice, and by forming and maintaining strong relationships across the sector. In addition to this, I provide pastoral support to the membership.

Bryan's qualifications are: ONZM, FRNZCGP (Dist.), FACRRM, MBChB

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Victoria Harrison, Head of Learning

Victoria  Harrison

Head of Learning

Learning is committed to providing world class education to the next, and future, generations of General Practitioners and Rural Hospital Medicine doctors.

The team work across the College and the sector to establish the systems and relationships our trainees need for success.

My entire working life has been spent in health care. The commitment I made as a junior nurse to keep the patient at the centre of my care is still reflected in my leadership values today. I, and my team, are committed to providing the best learning solutions to college trainees, in order to ensure future New Zealanders receive the highest standards of quality care.

I am privileged to lead this team and we are working together to establish our training programmes as world leading examples of how to develop doctors that are both equipped with the technical skills and knowledge to provide excellence in primary care but who possess the tools to flourish in our diverse and ever-changing communities.

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Dr Julia Hennessy

Dr  Julia  Hennessy

Academic Director

The quality of our educational programmes and their strategic oversight is my core interest as Academic Director.

I bring significant experience in the health and tertiary education sector to this role. Through education I believe we can improve the health outcomes and achieve health equity for everyone in our communities. I have a keen interest in applying an appreciative inquiry approach as an inclusive, strength-based way of working through challenging issues. As well as ensuring our GP and rural hospital training programmes are world-class, I give educational input to projects to accelerate our journey to Educational Excellence – one of our strategic goals. I am a keen researcher as well as being a keen knitter.

Julia holds a PhD.

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Kylie McQuellin

Kylie  McQuellin

Head of Membership Services

What makes me tick is constantly improving member service and the value of College membership.

I’m an experienced executive manager who likes to ask questions, explore new ideas, and improve processes and systems to make working with the College easier and better for all members. I work with my colleagues in the Leadership Team to drive cross-team collaboration to deliver on the College’s strategic goals. My key role is to lead and support the hard-working teams who are focused on looking after our membership and setting standards: Quality Programmes Policy, Advocacy and Insights Communications and Events Member Professional Development (MPD). In my spare time I CrossFit and cross-stitch.

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Leah Pearless Head of Corporate

Leah  Pearless

Head of Corporate

I thrive in supporting groups to make good, solid, collaborative decisions, and improve processes to achieve great outcomes.

I lead the executive functions at the College; the components of a business that people need to be reliable, efficient and consistent: Finance, the Project Management Office, IT, HR, and other services like legal, contracts, change, and office management. My teams are the people that support our staff, Fellows, and registrars to deliver their mahi and achieve their goals. I lead by example to develop high-performing teams who are engaged and motivated to achieve the best business outcomes.

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Te Oraiti Reedy

Te Oraiti  Reedy (Ngāti Pōrou)

Tumuaki Māori and Head of Equity

My Papa died before I could meet him. I want my dad, who is now a Papa, to live to the same age as his tangata tiriti counterpart; it is his right.

My son deserves this, and so do his children and his children’s children. That is just one example of the driving force behind my passion for working to eliminate inequities. Without a total commitment to addressing the issues of systemic racism, unconscious bias, and the impacts of colonisation and intergenerational trauma, we cannot address the inequities that have gone unchecked for too long. I lead action, redefine operational excellence, and ensure we continuously measure what it takes to make health equity an achievable reality for New Zealand’s GPs and rural hospital doctors. My vision is that there is no longer a need for a ‘Head of Equity’ because our collective mahi ensures that all whānau are living long, healthy, productive, fulfilling lives. Equity: it’s just what we do around here!

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