College procedures and policies

Patient complaints procedure

The College’s patient complaint procedure applies to all individuals who have health information (as defined below) that is captured for the College’s educational purposes (governed by the Health Information Privacy Code 1994) and want to make a complaint

To complain, please complete this form.

For complaints relating to a practice’s service Please contact your practice to raise a complaint. 

Health, safety and wellbeing policy 

We are committed to a process of continuous improvement to achieve excellence in managing health and safety in our workplaces and work practices. We recognise the positive impact, values, and benefits of bringing enhanced health and safety to our workers (staff and contractors), clients, visitors, and others.

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Privacy Policy 

The purpose of this policy is to inform individuals that engage with the College on how the College manages the personal information that it holds.

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Advertising, sponsorship and exhibition policies 

We offer a number of opportunities for organisations to work with the College, including advertising in our College publications and sponsorship and exhibition opportunities at our annual conference.  

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