Tūroro | Patients
Indicator 2: Patient Information and privacy

Criteria Standard - what we'll be assessing on Evidence to provide for assessment 
2.1 The practice understands and implements the current Privacy Act and Health Information Privacy Code. 
  • Completed team training records.
  • A documented privacy and health information security policy and procedure.
2.2 The practice registers and/or enrols patients consistent with current Ministry of Health guidelines.
  • A patient enrolment form including a privacy statement.
2.3 The practice ensures newly enrolled patients records are reviewed by a clinician.  
  • A documented records transfer policy and procedure for patient records in and out of the practice, including timeframes. 
2.4 The practice provides patients with information about how the practice will inform them of their test result
  • Verbally and/or in writing e.g. leaflet, brochure, poster, or by notice on the patient portal or practice website.
2.5 The practice ensures environmental privacy for patients and their whānau.
  • Describe and/or demonstrate how the physical environment maintains patient/whānau privacy. For example, reception area document handling and phone etiquette, curtaining, private rooms, soundproof areas.

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