6. Reporting and next steps

The final step in the CQI Module is to summarise the initiative in a report and submit it to an assessor through Smartsheet.

The report needs to answer questions, such as:

  • What were the outcomes of the initiative?
  • Did it achieve the project goals?
  • What were the main lessons learned?
  • Are the improvements or changes sustainable?
  • How will the practice implement/spread any identified improvements?
  • What are the best next steps?

CQI report checklist

Before uploading the final report to the CQI Smartsheet for an assessor to review, the practice needs to be finished their work and include:

  • problem and AIM statements
  • New Zealand Triple Aim elements
  • data/evidence (key metrics) are used and included in the quality improvement cycle(s)
  • a minimum of one quality improvement cycle with a plan for a subsequent cycle
  • practice team collaboration
  • patient engagement
  • health outcomes are identified and measured
  • quality tools (graphs and charts) demonstrate the data and health outcomes
  • inequities within the initiative have been identified
  • where possible, equitable health outcomes have been measured alongside the improvement work.
Dr Yukio Flinte