The Board ensures the College maintains a steady direction in line with our vision, and stays positioned to our core mission and purpose.

About the College's board

The College Board is composed of seven members:

  • Elected President
  • Three elected College Fellows
  • Representative from Te Akoranga a Māui (the Māori representative group)
  • Two other members appointed by the Board

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Dr Samantha Murton

Distinguished Fellow and Wellington GP, Dr Murton was voted President-elect during the College's 2018 Presidential election. She is the third female to hold this position, in the College's 45 year history. She was the College's inaugural Medical Director, is a Senior Lecturer at University of Otago, and has been involved with the College's education programme for many years.

Dr Lauren McGifford

Dr McGifford is a working GP, and has been Canterbury's lead Medical Educator since 2011.

Dr McGifford was elected to the Board in 2015.

Dr Joanna (Jo) Blakey 

Dr. Blakey is an experienced GP practice owner who works at Manly Medical Centre, Whangaparaoa on the Hibiscus Coast.  She holds post graduate diplomas in Child Health, Obstetrics and Sports Medicine and has a passion for medical education, having been a RNZCGP GPEP2/3 medical educator since 2009.  Jo was the College’s 2015-2016 board apprentice.

Dr Blakey was elected to the Board in July 2017.


Dr Sue Crengle 

Te Akoranga a Māui representative, Dr Crengle belongs to Waitaha, Kāti Māmoe and Kāi Tahu iwiHer portfolio of qualifications include: undergraduate medical, Masters and PhD degrees and qualifications in general practice and public health medicine. Now she works part-time in practice and undertakes research for the sector including health services research, inequities in health, and youth health. 

Dr Crengle was appointed to the Board in February 2015.

Dr Greg Judkins

Dr Greg Judkins works as a GP in South Auckland where he enjoys working in a high needs diverse community. He is a co-owner of Clendon Family Health Centre. Since 1991 he has been a GPEP1 teacher and held various roles in the College's Education Programme.

Dr Judkins was elected to the Board in July 2019.

Susan Huria 

Susan is based in Auckland and has a management background in marketing, human resources, internal audit, environment and communications. As an Independent Director, she has more than two decades of governance experience, and is the incoming Chair of Ngāi Tahu Property, and a Director of Connexis (an industry training organisation), Construction Health and Safety NZ and the Chair of the Steering Group for ‘Growing up in NZ’ (an Auckland University longitudinal study).

Susan was appointed to the Board on 1 August 2019.

Dr Jason Tuhoe

Jason is a GP based at Tokoroa Family Health and became a Fellow of the College in 2016. Jason has been involved with the College in a previous governance role in 2017, when he was the Māori and Rural GP Representative for the Rural General Practitioners Chapter.  Jason has held two other governance roles – Maori Representative for the Palliative Care Council of New Zealand and he currently sits on the Board for Te Whare Tāhuhu Kōrero o Hauraki, who are responsible for safeguarding the pronunciation of te Reo Māori and Tikanga Māori (Māori culture). 

Dr Tuhoe was appointed to the Board on 1 August 2019.