When you work for the College, you work for the health of New Zealanders by growing and supporting our GP workforce.

Be a health hero

The College represents 90 percent of New Zealand’s GPs who provide first point healthcare to patients for a lifetime. For us at the College, nothing is more satisfying than making this possible.

As long as New Zealanders need health, they will need GPs and invariably the College. With our 50th anniversary around the corner, the College will continue to provide learning and education for our members and information on evidence based treatments. Find out more about the College.

Forty two percent of our staff had never worked in the health sector before working here. Coming from a background outside the medical sector helps provide a fresh perspective on things. Understanding the world of healthcare can be a highly rewarding and interesting endeavour.

Our senior management team looks after each of the five teams in the College: membership, learning, corporate, quality and the Tūmuaki Māori.

Current vacancies

Perks of the job

New office

“The office is friendly, light and looks out over a view of the sea, tugboats and the fountain at Oriental Bay.  It is hard for my desk to turn into a vortex of chaos in such calm surrounds.” Michael Thorn, Manager Strategic Policy.

At the end of 2015, the College moved into a new office in Customhouse Quay right in the heart of Wellington’s CBD. Situated on the fourth floor and facing Wellington’s famous waterfront, light fills the white rooms like a breath of fresh air. The new office was designed from scratch, putting an emphasis on the open plan layout and collaborative nooks are dotted around to promote teamwork. 


“It’s fantastic the College recognises the importance of self-care. My wellness benefit has encouraged me to participate in activities I wouldn’t have before, like the Round the Bays run, Hot Yoga for winter and perhaps even a massage or two!” - Cara Graham, Learning Programme Advisor

As a health care College, we want to lead by example by fostering a healthy lifestyle. Go to the kitchen and find fresh fruit and choose from fifteen varieties of tea and fresh ground coffee for that morning fix. Have your entry cost reimbursed by the College if you choose to take part in the famous ‘Round the Bays’ run and train with colleagues every Tuesday and Thursday. Flexible work will help you find your Zen and our complimentary wellness card can be used on anything from gym memberships to yoga or even massages.


“The day we had our furry friends’ visit was something special on an otherwise ordinary day and created a buzz around the office.”  Natasha Brand, Assistant Accountant

Whether it’s kittens in the meeting room, quizzes in the breakout area or Friday afternoon food and drinks to end the week, our diverse team is pretty chilled out, and that’s the way we like it. The fiercest competition only occurs when cake is announced in the kitchen area.



Professional growth

“They say I’m a people person which is probably why I love working with really smart GPs who are passionate about learning and helping registrars. Because the College is growing, I get to be creative in brainstorms that influence the way we deliver learning.” - Emma Wheeler, Programme Logistics & Support.

Our Programme Logistics & Support, Emma first started in an administration role. It didn’t take long for the College to recognise her prior educational experience; she was moved into the educational team where her role now involves working on developing how our assessments are delivered, supporting our new teachers and educators through running training workshops and implementing a one-to-one coaching programme for registers preparing for the GPEP exam. 

Having a healthy career isn’t just about having a good job; it’s about progression. We encourage everyone to think about their career, whether it’s about enriching their skills base in their current role, planning for the next role, or longer term.

Coolest little capital

 "Wellington is the country’s most innovative and inspiring city; it might just be the best little capital in the world and it is crammed with more bars, cafes and restaurants per capita than New York," Lonely Planet’s 2011 Best in Travel book.

Being so close to Wellington’s city centre gives you the perfect opportunity to enjoy what Lonely Planet calls the ‘coolest little Capital’. Wellington is known for being a bit windy at times and also for making great coffee. There are many festivals to get your teeth into including art, music and even beer. And with the College being one block from the middle of Lambton Quay, all of Welly’s culture is literally on your doorstep.